Photo Eye Gates Sensors Repair Service

Photo eye gates sensors repair service, All you need to know about photo eye sensor and its repairing:, With the advancement in technology, the security system of electric doors is also improving day by day. Photo eye sensors are non contact devices that work by beam of light. They sense the presence of an object without physically touching it.

If you notice any trouble in your garage door and the problem is caused due to not proper functioning of the sensor, such a problem can be related to photo eye. It is one of the most important parts of your electric garage door system. But sometimes you can face trouble in proper functioning of a photo eye sensor. Here is list of problems you can face if your photo eye is not working:

  • Door is not opening or closing properly.
  • Door is still closing even when you are standing between.
  • Door can’t sense your presence or absence.

How can you repair a Photo eye gates sensors repair service?

Here are few tips which you can follow to check if your garage gate photo eye is working properly or not:

Check the problem:

Examine which type of problem your garage door is making and if that problem is linked with a photo eye sensor. Check if your photo eye sensor is working properly or not.

Examine the obstruction:

If your photo eye is working properly, your door will not close if there is any obstruction in the way. This obstruction can be a person, or your half parked car or any other object.

Check your sensors:

Do check out your sensors. Keep your sensors clean. Sometimes due to dust particles the sensor stops working. So make sure your sensors are clean in order to work properly.

Checking wire and cables:

Examine if your wires and cables are properly connected to a photo eye sensor. Sometimes it might be disconnected causing it to stop working.

Checking lights on Photo eye:

Each garage door photo eye sensor has a small light on it which tells us if it is working or not. Check that light.

Check the alignment of sensor:

Do checkout if your sensor is aligned properly. Sometimes when sensors are not aligned properly it causes trouble in its proper functioning.

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